Billing and Financial Responsibility

Panda Pediatrics participates in most health insurance plans. However we will require verification of coverage at check in for each visit. Please verify your child’s coverage prior to your visit. For billing questions please call our office at 785-842-4477.

The following information is helpful for parents to keep in mind:

  • Please bring your insurance card and state ID with you for each visit. We will verify that your coverage is effective.

  • New Patients will have insurance coverage verified prior to the visit.

  • PANDA will gladly file your primary insurance for you, accepting your co-pay and deductible at the time of your visit.

  • Copays are due at the time of the visit - if not paid there may be a billing fee in addition to the amount due.

  • If we do not have a billing contract with your insurance provider, we will list you as "self pay" and will anticipate full payment at the time of your visit.

  • Because we have over 50 contracts and the status of insurance providers is always changing, we do not and cannot know with certainty whether a given provider or medicine is approved by your insurance company. You are responsible for knowing whom you can and cannot go to according to the information provided by your insurance company.

Please remember, while we will work with you on getting paid from your insurance company, ultimately, the financial responsibility for medical treatment rests with the policy holder.

Consent to Treat

If a custodial parent or guardian is not able to bring a patient in for treatment we ask the parent to complete a consent to treat. This form may be found in our forms section of our website or completed in office.

Incompletion of this form or consent not given by the custodial parent/guardian may delay or prevent treatment of the patient.

Release of information for teens and adults

HIPAA law requires a release of information to be completed for patients 18 and over for medical information to be released to anyone besides themselves. If your child is preparing to turn 18 in the next year consider having this completed prior to their birthday so we have it onfile.

You may access the ROI form on our website under the forms section or in the office. As well you may email or fax the form into our office for your convenience.

Minors are able to have a release of information completed regarding certain tests and labs results. If pertinent to an exam or treatment the provider will direct the patient to have a release of information completed.

Late Policy and No shows to appointments

At Panda Pediatrics we are committed to providing safe, efficient care to our patients. We schedule our appointment times to try and allow each patient the most amount of time to thoroughly address their needs and concerns. Please understand we will make every effort to see you and care for your child if you arrive late, but we have a responsibility to all our patients, not just you. For that reason, you may be asked to reschedule if you arrive late and repeated late arrivals is grounds for dismissal from our practice.

Photography/Camera and Electronics Policy

Video and photographs of in-patient procedures and exams are NOT permitted at PANDA Pediatrics. Please have cell phones/tablets and electronic devices put away and on silent while a nurse or provider is in the room.

Paperwork/Medical Records

If you are needing your child’s medical records please contact the office at 785-842-4477.

We allow 72 hours for our nurses and providers to review and examine all paperwork prior to completing forms.

If you are needing a health history or daycare form, patients are required to have a current check up for the year. As well, immunizations are required to be up to date. A well child check or an immunization only appointment may be needed prior releasing forms.

If you are requesting a KSHA sports form for athletics please be advised a well check/physical is required to be completed on or after May 30th for the upcoming school year. The front page of the sports form is required to be completed as well. Review of the form may be required by your provider prior to release of the form so please have all documents and information turned in at least 72 hours prior to needing the document.

Immunization Policy

Starting January 1st of 2018, in order to receive care at Panda Pediatrics, all new patients will be required to follow the most current CDC Vaccination Schedule (VS) and remain up to date (UTD) with said schedule while in the care of our medical providers.

The patient must start receiving vaccinations by 3 months of age and be fully vaccinated according to the CDC vaccination schedule by 3 years of age.

For more information and education visit our vaccines page.

School Note policy

It is the policy of Panda Pediatrics to only excuse patients from school or work when they have been seen in our office for an illness that is contagious or should cause them to miss school or work, at the discretion of a medical provider.

In an effort to maintain fairness for our patients, we do not write excusal notes from school or work for patients that have not been seen in our office for a sick visit.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment or see our hours for Walk In appointments at the Maine St. office.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills may be requested during our regular office hours, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 p.m. Please allow 48 to 72 hours for all prescription refills. Refills may require an office visit for continuation.  Medications that require a pre-authorization may require longer than 72 hours to complete.

The fastest way to have your child's on-going medication refilled is to contact your pharmacy and ask them to contact us for a refill.

To request a refill please call our office at 785-842-4477 and ask to speak with a nurse.  You may also send a request via the patient portal. If calling, please leave the name of the child, spelling the last name and first, date of birth, name and dosage of the medication, and the name, address and phone number of the pharmacy. If your child is on a medication which is continuing in nature, we ask that you monitor the amount you have on hand and plan ahead to have the prescription refilled before you run out.

Please be advised that certain prescriptions can only be refilled by the original prescribing provider. To promote continuity of care, it is imperative that certain medicines are followed by the original providing prescriber, to ensure your child's ailment is improving. Since the original prescribing physician did the initial history of present illness, only that physician would be best to document and prescribe further medicine. To that respect, it is our policy that refills of certain medicines prescribed by doctors outside our practice will need to be made by the original prescribing physician.

As well, if your child takes medications that require ongoing monitoring we expect to see the patient in office at least every 6 months or as prescribed by your physician. Without a current office visit to monitor your child, refills on those medications may be delayed.

Food in Patient Areas

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the patient waiting areas. Your child may require fasting labs or testing. Some of our patients have deadly allergies, so unfortunately we can’t allow this.Formula and breastfeeding are, of course, exempted from this policy.

Phone Advice

Should you have medical questions or concerns during daytime hours, we invite you to contact our "phone advice nurse" at 785-842-4477. Our phone advice nurses are available during business hours to answer questions and concerns about patients. After reviewing your child's complete medical history via the electronic medical records system, the telephone nurse will provide you with medical advice and instruction specific to the needs of your child. If the nurse feels an exam is needed or a possible prescription is needed, the patient may require a visit with one of our providers.

To facilitate your call, please have the following information available:

  • Child's age and weight.

  • A listing of medications your child is currently taking. (It is preferable to have the actual medicine containers in hand for a quick reference to active ingredients.)

  • If you have seen an outside provider for this problem (ER, prompt care, etc) and if any medications were prescribed or diagnosis made during this visit.

Due to the large volume of calls for the telephone nurse, you will often be asked to leave a message. Our telephone nurse will return your call as soon as possible. All calls will be returned according to the order in which they are received and according to the severity of the medical question or condition.