The nurse assists with direct patient care and physician communication to keep the flow of duties running smoothly.  They must uphold the company’s policies and procedures and must always act within ethical boundaries. The nurse must have strong customer service and communication skills.


  • General

    • Complete lab requisitions.

    • Entering immunization records.

    • Cleaning and stocking examination rooms daily and as needed.

    • Maintaining nursing work stations.

    • Maintain current licensure, provide supervisor with all necessary documentation for employee file.

    • Perform duties as assigned by physician or supervisor.

    • Complete orders as requested by physicians.

    • Cooperate with all nursing and front office staff to ensure efficient patient care.

    • Function as part of the team, provide education to aides and other staff as needed.

    • Follow OSHA and practice policies and procedures.

    • Follow HIPAA guidelines and maintain patient privacy.

    • Remain calm and professional in all situations.

    • Demonstrate initiative and use time efficiently.

  • Floor Nurse

    • Respond to patient flow changes appropriately.

    • Monitor progress of well child and sick examinations to ensure patient availability for physician care.

    • Communicate on an ongoing basis with physicians as well as other nurses and/or medical staff to optimize workflow.

    • Rooming of patients and performing vitals, weight, height, head measurement, hearing and vision tests, administration of vaccinations, patient education and documentation, as necessary.

    • Provide appropriate equipment for all procedures.

    • Complete forms as required.

    • Perform or assist with treatment when requested; ear irrigation, tympanograms, respiratory treatments, pulse oximetry, throat swabs, urine cultures, cleaning and treating wounds and injuries.

    • Cleaning of exam rooms and work station areas.

  • Phone Triage Nurse

    • Respond to incoming phone calls and messages from parents, guardians, insurance providers, pharmacists, and other physicians.

    • Obtain relevant health histories, review symptoms, answer questions, provide education, and schedule patient appointments.

    • Provide triage based care regarding basic first aid and routine or endemic illness.

    • Complete prescription refills as desired by physicians.

    • Reporting of lab results and advisement of treatments as directed by physician.

    • Referrals as directed by physician.

    • Assist with floor duties to optimize patient flow.

    • Maintenance of phone triage work stations.


  • Current Kansas Nursing License

  • Current BLS or CPR Certification

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • Ability to lift 30lbs

  • Standing >50%, Sitting <50%, Walking <50%, Lifting <10%, Bending <10%


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