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Depression is a complex disorder and can require multiple medication adjustments.

This visit is for the maintenance and adjustment of medication relating to depression and management of that depression beyond medication.

A prior diagnosis of depression is required for this visit. If you are concerned that your child may have depression but don’t know where to start please see our Behavior Visit.

Call 785-842-4477 to schedule.


  • If your child is suicidal we recommend you go immediately to the nearest Emergency Department or call 911

  • Major depression is treated most effectively with BOTH medication and therapy

  • Going off medication can be potentially dangerous and should be done only after consulting the entire team involved in your child’s care of this disorder (Parents, Therapists, Child, and Physician)

  • We do not manage antipsychotic medication without regular consultation from a psychiatrist.

In order to speed your visit, please bring in the completed forms and records.

Before your visit