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At Panda Pediatrics we are always working hard to make things better for our patients and our community at large. This is a quick rundown of changes that are happening over the next year that we are really excited about.

The New Office

For over 40 years, Panda Pediatrics has served the community of Lawrence, Kansas and the surrounding area from the Maine St. Office location. So it is with much excitement that, in 2018, we put into motion our plan to move into a new location on 6th street which will be completed mid 2019. Our new location will consolidate both offices into one location, more than double our size, allow for the addition of 6 to 8 new providers, and allow us to provide new services that will make our patient care even better.

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Impact Testing

When an athlete gets a concussion, it can be a long and difficult process getting them back to sports and school. Our clinic, within the year, will introduce a computer neurocognitive test called ImPACT that will help get our athletes back to competition faster and safer than ever before.

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Self Scheduling

Convenience, to us, is more than just a word. When access to medical care becomes more convenient it means illnesses are treated in a more effective and efficient manner. We’ve been working hard on electronic self-scheduling because we know our parents will not only be happier, they will be healthier.


Text Messaging

We all know how time consuming waiting on hold can be. Sometimes sending a simple text or a picture can do the same or better, without all the fuss. With the goal of improving access to medical care in mind, we are introducing several initiatives over the next year that will allow our patients to receive lab results, ask medical questions, and even schedule visits by texting our office.

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With the new building, we will have the ability to add additional providers. This will allow us to increase our availability, and also improve our patient care. Starting mid 2019, our first of many new providers will be added to our practice.

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