Panda Pediatrics participates in most health insurance plans. However we will require verification of coverage at check in for each visit. Please verify your child’s coverage prior to your visit. For billing questions please call our office at 785-842-4477.

The following information is helpful for parents to keep in mind:

  • Please bring your insurance card and state ID with you for each visit. We will verify that your coverage is effective.

  • New Patients will have insurance coverage verified prior to the visit.

  • Panda will gladly file your primary insurance for you, accepting your co-pay and deductible at the time of your visit.

  • Copays are due at the time of the visit - if not paid there may be a billing fee in addition to the amount due.

  • If we do not have a billing contract with your insurance provider, we will list you as "self pay" and will anticipate full payment at the time of your visit.

  • Because we have over 50 contracts and the status of insurance providers is always changing, we do not and cannot know with certainty whether a given provider or medicine is approved by your insurance company. You are responsible for knowing whom you can and cannot go to according to the information provided by your insurance company.

Please remember, while we will work with you on getting paid from your insurance company, ultimately, the financial responsibility for medical treatment rests with the policy holder.

Upon your first visit at Panda Pediatrics you will be asked to sign your acknowledgment of understanding for our financial, billing, and cancelling policies.

Financial Policy: Acknowledgement of Understanding