The 9 Month Visit involves a comprehensive exam, a review of your infant’s development and growth, and a review of your infants feeding, voiding, and sleeping routines. This visit will review how solid feedings and childproofing have progressed, as well as, discuss proper teeth care, as most children have erupted teeth at this point (don’t worry if your child doesn’t, some children don’t have teeth till 2 years of age). For infants with teeth, but without a dentist this will be your first introduction to our clinics Cavity Care. Unless you are catching up on vaccines, there are no vaccinations at this visit.

We can also provide daycare forms which contains a physical and a copy of your child’s immunizations.

Call 785-842-4477 to schedule.

ToIn order to speed your visit, please bring in the completed forms and records.

Before your visit

  • Valid Parent ID

  • Insurance Card (update)

  • Oral Health Screening Form

    • You can skip this form if you are seeing a dentist or does not have teeth yet.

  • Dental List

    • If your deferring Cavity Care we highly recommend you select a dentist from our referral list. Everyone deserves great healthcare.



  • Tips For Picky Eaters Video