The 5 Year Visit involves a comprehensive exam, a review of your child’s development and growth, and a review of your child’s diet, voiding habits, and sleeping routines. Cavity Care, if needed, will be provided though we prefer you see a dentist. At this age your child will undergo visual acuity (vision) and audiogram (hearing) screening for the first time. This is a great visit to discuss any concerns about learning, as we approach school. Don’t forget safety is always a great topic to discuss with your pediatrician. Most children will receive their Kindergarten shots at this visit, though you don’t have to until you enter kindergarten, so some children get them at 6 years.

We can also provide pre-school and kindergarten forms which contains a physical and a copy of your child’s immunizations.

Call 785-842-4477 to schedule.

In order to speed your visit, please bring in the completed forms and records.

Before your visit

  • Valid Parent ID

  • Insurance Card (update)

  • Vaccination Record

    • If you want your personal record updated with the new vaccinations.

  • Oral Health Screening Form

    • You can skip this form if you are seeing a dentist.

  • Dental List

    • Even if you have low risk teeth, Cavity Care was only designed until 3 years. Please choose from our list of dentists for future teeth care.