The 4 Month Visit involves a comprehensive exam, a review of your infant’s development and growth, and a review of your infants feeding, voiding, and sleeping routines. This visit will kick off a preliminary discussion about solid foods in children, though we recommend solid feedings not start until 6 months of age. Complimenting the screening you are receiving at your obstetrics office, we will perform another maternal postpartum depression screening. Your child will also receive booster vaccines at this visit.

Call 785-842-4477 to schedule.

In order to speed your visit, please bring in the completed forms and records.

Before your visit

  • Valid Parent ID

  • Insurance Card (update)

  • Vaccination Record

    • If you want your personal record updated with the new vaccinations.

  • Postpartum Screening Form

    • To be filled out by the infant’s mother.