Congrats! If you’ve stayed up to date on vaccinations today will be the last Well Check Vaccination until your child enters Kindergarten! Great job!

The 18 Month Visit involves a comprehensive exam, a review of your child’s development and growth, and a review of your child’s feeding, voiding, and sleeping routines. Cavity Care, if needed, will be provided, as well as, a booster vaccination. This visit will also serve as the first of two Autism screenings. Don’t forget if you are having any behavioral issues to bring them up at this visit, a child tantruming to get a phone or an Ipad is a great behavioral issue and lets us discuss screen time, which is an equally important topic.

We can also provide daycare forms which contains a physical and a copy of your child’s immunizations.

Call 785-842-4477 to schedule.

To speed your first visit, bring in the below forms and records completed.

Before your visit