The 11 Year Visit involves a comprehensive exam, a review of your child’s development and growth, and a review of your child’s diet, voiding habits, and sleeping routines. Congrats! Your child is now considered a pre-teen! Starting at this visit we have yearly depression screening and we start our adolescent vaccine series. It’s a busy visit and that’s before you add in all the things puberty brings with it. This is also the first year your child can optionally have 5 minutes alone to talk to the doctor about private concerns. Lastly, we offer blood testing for an asymptomatic deadly disease called dyslipidemia.

Attention: There are 3 vaccines at this visit and pre-teens get VERY anxious with them, though they are no different in nature than the vaccines they received as an infant. Pre-teens can get so worked up they can pass out (one of the joys of puberty), please plan on relaxing for 15 minutes after the vaccines to ensure your child’s safety from an unexpected fall.

Call 785-842-4477 to schedule.

TIn order to speed your visit, please bring in the completed forms and records.

Before your visit

  • Valid Parent ID

  • Insurance Card (update)

  • Vaccination Record

    • If you want your personal record updated with the new vaccinations.

  • Depression Screening



  • Vaccines: The Adolescent Years